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The Yoga Wheel of Life

By using this wheel as a starting point, we will examine the aspects of your life you’d like to improve. We’ll move through the wheel and create solid plans for the future by letting go of old samskaras (negative habits and beliefs), creating a daily home practice specific to your personal growth goals, and making room for more fulfillment in your life.


Self-Study & Personal Growth

While Yoga Life Coaching is not therapy, and we are looking towards the future instead of the past, to study ourselves and how we came to think and act like the person that we are today is essential for us to then change and move beyond our unhealthy patterns. We’ll use different frame works such as shadow work, the Chakras, MBTI Personality Theory, Doshas, Samskaras, addictive patterns and finally Achetype and Diety Idenitification to flesh out your own story, sense of identity and plans for the future.

Life’s Purpose ~ Dharma & Sankalpa

Finding our true life’s purpose and manifesting self-actualization is an ever-changing, life-long process that transforms through various chapters and stages in our life. Using concepts from NLP with a sensitivity towards the yogic path we’ll work together to discover the kind of work that really lights you up and establish concrete plans for bringing more of this into your life. Dharma work acknowledges both financial realities and personal fulfillment.

Asana & Pranayama

Prescriptive postures and breathing exercises for doshas, chakra imbalances, personality types, and emotions that you can use to build your daily personal practice.


Guidance in beginning or deepening your mediation practice through the use of prescriptive guided practices, binaural mediation, neuroscience, mantras, essential oils and more…


Using visualizations created just for you, we’ll work on observing and changing negative belief systems that are holding you back from your full potential. We’ll use methods from Neuro-Linguistic Programing to let go of old patterns and begin practicing more presence and awareness in your everyday life.

Physical Health & Environment

By inventorying where we are at now, and where we want to be, we’ll begin the process of transforming your health in small, incremental steps, which establishes life-long habits. We’ll take an honest look at nutrition, exercise, sleep, and environment to access where to begin creating lasting change.

Emotional Health

Yoga asana, breathing exercises and meditation are an excellent platform to bring our emotional lives into balance. We will create a specific daily practice (sadna) for you to begin the work of identifying your emotional states and understanding your own tools for releasing emotional patterns. These responses are often attached to old, deeply embedded samskaras (traumas or imprints in the mind) that won’t dissapear overnight, but can be managed and even controlled through thoughtful, specific practices, visualizations, and story telling.

Creativity & Play

One of our most basic desires as humans is to create and play. This helps us to organize our emotions and express our experience in a healthy way. Whether through art, music, writing, taking a walk in nature, or simply engaging in more cultural activities, creative expression and appreciation helps us to feel more connected and alive. Using worksheets and visualization exercises we’ll discover creative outlets your interested in exploring and establish plans for nurturing and cultivating these passions.

Addiction Recovery

We are all addicted to something. Dependency on drugs and alcohol is the most obvious manifestation of this, but anything we do compulsively to avoid the present and escape the pressures and stress of our daily lives detracts from our spiritual growth. I was addicted to alcohol for two decades and credit yoga and meditation as the primary tool for helping me stay on a path of personal growth and gratitude. I come from a place of non-judgement and empathy, as well as experience from many yoga and recovery trainings. Working with me could be a great first step for those who are interested in examining their addictive patterns in a non-confrontational, safe environment.

Conscious Relationships & Romance

The yogic path opens the door for more honesty and creativity in our relationships with others. Our hearts become more open to giving and receiving love and our minds develop more intuition and empathy. Opening the door to transparency and an open dialogue about our feelings can be a scary place to go, but can reveal some incredible personal growth opportunities for shadow work and co-dependency, ultimately leading to the creation of a safe and sacred place to grow both with your partner and as a separate and whole beings, each on your own spiritual path.

Calling a romantic partner into our lives can hold specific challenges for female heterosexuals in the yoga world because it is mostly women. How can we move beyond our current circles and open our hearts to those who may express their spirituality in different ways? How can we deepen our current friendships to provide emotional security and mirroring while continuing our search for romance?

Abundance, Business & Finance

The yoga world is riddled with contradictions concerning abundance and wealth. As yogis we can sometimes tend towards neglecting our own financial security, our muladhara, root chakra. Is this because we are stuck in a scarcity mentality or because we truly value spiritual growth and service to others above all else? There is no right answer, but it is exciting work to release our financial blocks and make room for abundance to flow in a safe and prosperous way that supports our dharma and our sense of security and grounding in the physical world.

If moving forward with your own business or personal brand is one of your goals, this piece provides excellent tools for developing your understanding of marketing and the business of yoga. I’ve completed my own Business of Yoga MBA and have two decades of marketing experience to provide guidance and goal setting for those with an entrepreneurial vision.

Karma & Service

Giving back to our communities and others in need can be an extremely fulfilling and hopeful practice. How can we find the balance between offering our gifts to the world and still providing for ourselves? Yoga teachers and those in the healing arts are often called upon to donate their skills or enter into trade contracts that may not be mutually beneficial. Perhaps we enter into these professions in the first place because of our own desire to be needed. In this section, we will do the good work of sorting out where your contributions are appreciated and fulfilling, and what you could let go of to focus on your own career and self-care.

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